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North Pointe Youth Ministry

Our youth department participates in several different outreaches, as well as attends different youth conferences throughout the year! They meet every Wednesday evening to dive into the word in an interactive and exciting way.

See below for pictures and videos of some of their past experiences. 

  • 10245367_4123161813073_5849687685834825489_n - Copy
  • 10494677_10152296902043129_743295074438633936_n - Copy
  • 11138683_10153002977010787_3325211139177363656_n - Copy
  • 13091907_956172991132744_4527452611440685289_n - Copy
  • 13164435_967382330011810_2724427622775335491_n - Copy
  • 13442401_10153823919140787_3708740321033665080_n - Copy
  • 13754313_10210097668341243_7981593128427764045_n - Copy
  • 15978098_1730673106962674_9165504461418747157_n - Copy
  • 17424665_10212445428993792_782618854389084487_n - Copy
  • 18157169_10212794188072551_4407659763319919587_n - Copy
  • 18194878_10212798260254353_186549843213345782_n - Copy
  • 18341694_1639831692713483_18395329168397792_n - Copy
  • 18341774_1639831622713490_4857941152434655593_n - Copy
  • 18342420_1639830836046902_2744745113853531576_n - Copy
  • 18342585_1639831636046822_8235733135447327914_n - Copy
  • 18402686_1639831752713477_8067017834034512613_n - Copy
  • 18424179_1639830369380282_7642531135363966901_n - Copy
  • 18425523_1639830829380236_5495760670726631970_n - Copy
  • 18425531_10212902148651498_2710201198008508540_n - Copy
  • 18446609_1639830366046949_4241457504973078937_n - Copy
  • 18446831_1639831626046823_4579895356202434070_n - Copy
  • 18447558_1639831672713485_6193046807435656661_n - Copy
  • 18485288_10212952178342209_4639938713934004865_n - Copy
  • 18486406_10212965569956991_1515670173510940202_n - Copy
  • 18582431_10212979154136587_589872361939698265_n - Copy
  • 18622163_10213051042493751_1020833989317422818_n - Copy
  • 19113648_10213287028953265_6304699948296898847_n - Copy
  • 19146078_10213271122835622_6375316659870683724_n - Copy
  • 19149257_10213312230503288_7687684461241435790_n - Copy
  • 19149477_10213312252223831_636316123128643282_n - Copy
  • 19424472_10213408845038591_7482014028365605835_n - Copy
  • 19510129_10213435245858595_937075943259812699_n - Copy
  • 19554895_1730673013629350_3216517660693177720_n - Copy
  • 19732205_10213490390557178_89638344713925633_n - Copy
  • 19748683_10213497548776129_5231884520553917629_n - Copy
  • 19756447_10213497577296842_2176962443929401171_n - Copy
  • 20140114_1730673043629347_3781132648281908714_n - Copy
  • 20228355_1730672323629419_2070695532727566049_n - Copy
  • 20229015_1730672693629382_7635570345173772397_n - Copy
  • 20229015_1730672693629382_7635570345173772397_n
  • 20229173_1730672733629378_912647662042353659_n
  • 20229330_1730672843629367_5491142872614737087_n
  • 20229392_1730672643629387_8991470037890119849_n
  • 20245971_1730672586962726_2780613065674194793_n
  • 20258025_1730673140296004_3077923700950974054_n
  • 20258183_1730672443629407_7870064618339279868_n
  • 20258320_1730672556962729_6617297705103312249_n
  • 20264789_1730673160296002_2652072947890606256_n
  • 20293995_1730673023629349_6893535643815031642_n
  • 20604692_10213852651253469_1531880841212146076_n
  • 20620922_10213852869458924_872247519306042136_n
  • 21077696_10214022626702749_829798779367736707_n
  • 21730822_10214165342110545_5568219113719226575_n
  • 22490199_10203677689138462_3613083324803476577_n
  • 22490206_10203677691218514_9209006636733802035_n
  • 22552442_10203677690138487_3935275619733054904_n

As long as I can remember I have been attending church. I come from a long line of ministers on my mother’s side and I have a rich heritage steeped deep in the Chrsitian faith. When I was eleven years old my father was called into the ministry and began pastoring a local church. From that point I began my journey as a preacher’s kid. Though I strayed from the Lord during my teen years, I finally got my life together with the help of a loving, forgiving God, around the age of nineteen. From that point on, God began a work in me that has continued through the years. Here is a list of the ministerial/education I have had:

  • Heritage Bible College, Dunn, NC
  • Interim Pastor of Youth & Worship at the Long Branch PFWB Church, Dunn, NC
  • Short-term missions work in Costa Rica
  • Holmes College of the Bible, Greenville, SC
  • Interim Youth Pastor at the Burlington First PH Church, Burlington, NC
  • FT Youth/Associate Pastor at In Touch Fellowship Ministries, Greensboro, NC
  • FT Pastor of Youth & Worship, North Pointe Church, High Point, NC

I have been at the North Pointe Church for fifteen years now and I LOVE IT! My philosphy of ministry has always been to help the kids I work with find their calling in life and DO IT! Whether it is working in the nursery, assisting teachers, or utilizing kids in our music and drama ministry, we are committed to helping our kids find their PLACE!